What, Who and Why?


What's the idea?

The Creative Struggle was born from the idea that everyone in a creative field, or pursuing a creative dream, goes through challenging times. Whether it's self-doubt, fear of failure, depression, external factors, or any other number of other influences, every artist has struggled, is struggling, or will struggle.


The purpose of The Creative Struggle is to dive into the difficulties that creative people face, by talking to people who've gone through them. These struggles can be things that are self-imposed, or coming from an external source. They can be things that have taken weeks to work through, or years.  So often we gloss over times of difficulty while feeling like we're barely scraping by.


Who's it for?

The main audience we're hoping to address are the people who are currently at a low-point, artistically. Through talking with other artists in a variety of fields the hope is that these stories will provide encouragement and potentially a better understanding of how to get through these struggles.


Why does it matter?

There's a lot of societal pressure, particularly in professional environments, to shy away from talking about struggles, or to put on a false face of success because we're afraid that showing weakness will make others doubt our abilities. In some industries there's also a pervasive idea that forcing more junior colleagues to struggle is a "rite of passage" and if you're not having a difficult time, you're not "paying your dues." This isn't healthy. In an effort to normalize the idea that self-doubt, depression, and anxiety are things that a majority of creatives deal with, we're talking with industry professionals across all artistic disciplines to hear some of their struggles and how they've come out the other side.


Brandon Rechten is the creator, producer, and host of The Creative Struggle. He works professionally as a designer in the photography & filmmaking industry. More about him can be found on his website brandonrechten.com

His personal struggle is perfection paralysis.

Outside of work, his hobbies include travel, photography and video games.